a monster goodbye

(———> song #56, don’t play it till the middle of the post)

so my school bill came in…my financial aid didn’t cover me this summer.  I don’t have the money to pay for it.  I am broke and i’m getting married in 2 months…so what to do?  Get a loan?  Go into debt for the first time in my life?  Or sell the most valuable thing i own…yup that one 😦

One last ride…I fire up ‘ducky’ one last time. No helmet no jacket…just me and my monster (please don’t do this…its illegal in GA, but this was super early in the morning as the sun was rising nobody around so….) MUSIC #56 starts now…

Racing around the empty streets of Decatur…destroying this still quiet morning with the sound of my 750…this sound that made me buy it two years ago.  The cool air on my skin…the sun light peaking through the trees…leaning into corners, revving obnoxiously  loud, rpms screaming…good morning Decatur.  Sure i’ve had my fights with this guy…breakdowns, fuel leaks, dead batteries…but the good memories out shine the bad.  The starry nights on country roads, riding through thunderstorms and not dying, falling asleep on it on my way to Chicago and…and…the FREEDOM…riders you know what i am talking about.  The kind you can never feel inside those ridiculous four wheeled box prisons…

man i didn’t know i could be so emotionally attached to an inanimate object. but seeing some one else drive off with it that morning…i had to fight the urge in my hand to wave to it as it roared off.

good bye (waves)