made in china ——-> song #58

on monday our youth mission’s team went to Walmart to buy vbs craft/skit stuff…a welcome break from our usual training which consists of running laps around the church and dancing to mid-90s christian pop songs(audio adrenaline anybody???).

so there we were, about a dozen loud korean-american kids running around the store with foam swords, princes tiaras, and spiderman masks…and as we walk by the bike section we pass by a middle aged caucasian gentleman who points at the rack of bikes and says smiling right at us,

“Made in China! Eh?”

Silence…and blank stares are exchanged…

we all just kinda paused for a second…completely caught off guard by the sudden and polite display of…racism? (thats southern hospitality for ya, even the racist comments sound kinda polite)

what to do?  I start thinking…I look back at my kids…I am the leader here…I must respond…defend our honor…A witty comment to retaliate perhaps?

“Nope…we’re made in America…” and correct his ignorance?  “Hola, como esta? Asiste a una iglesia?” and confuse him?

No I am the youth pastor…I must turn the other cheek…take the high road…just walk away.

So we just walked on by ignoring the comment…yay we sure showed him!

As we walked towards the check-out…I was assuring myself that not saying anything was the right decision, the thought dawns on me.

“DANG IT he probably thought we couldn’t speak English!”