26…comes the end of a beloved tradition

(song #62 ————->)

the morning i turned 15, my sister and i were driving to school…we were driving in style in our black daewoo legansa.  as we pulled into the school parking lot she asked me…”so its your birthday, what do you want to do?”  jokingly i said i wanted to go to six flags…seconds later lois pulls a u-turn in the parking lot and we were headed out of the school parking lot…stunned I look at her…”seriously?!?” she seems serious enough…on our way out, I saw a buddy walking to school, I yell out my window “Hey want to go to six flags?”  (soon the three of us were racing away from classrooms and towards roller coasters)

thus a personal little birthday tradition was born…ditching school on my birthday…and doing…anything else.  I remember the next year we just drove out to a park, ate food, played guitars and napped under the trees listening to jars of clay from the car speakers…while all the other poor saps were stuck in classrooms learning stuff they’ll never remember when they are 26…

today i turn 26, its my last year of school…yes i should be in class right now…and no i will not go…i will go (for one last time)…anywhere else…

p.s. thanks lois…i’ve had many happy birthdays