Finish! ———-> #66 (hurry before the song is over!)

10! 9! 8!…3! 2! 1!   2011!!!! YEA!!!

pastor peter: hug somebody!

me: kiss somebody you like!

pastor peter: (stares back at me)…

anyway welcome to a new year.  couldn’t think of any new year’s resolutions that morning…  but later that day it came…

2011….what i want to do is summed up in a word…FINISH!

As I was drinking my coffee I came to the realization that i don’t finish stuff.  I never finish a whole cup, i leave a little at the end.  I have many half empty water bottles around the house.  There is an unfinished wedding video sitting in my hard drive. Always leave a bit of food behind (but not enough for a take home box). There are about 4 quarter full, and now stale boxes of assorted  cereals on top of my frig.   7-8  unfinished books on my kindle. schoolwork?  haha! I do about 95% of any given assignment… then i get bored and simply stop… many teachers have left comments on my papers…”uh your paper was great but seems to come an abrupt end.”  (I figure if the 95% of paper that is there is 100% worthy work then i should get about 95% grade?…eh?…no?…) Heck I might not even fin

anyway you get the point…

so my resolution (or in Christiannese ‘commitment’) is to finish!  (Phil 1:6)

what good is half done, incomplete?  If i am winning 99% of a race and stop…i lose.  No, I must run as one who as one running to receive the prize. (1 Corinth 9:24)

if the one whom I follow didn’t stop till He said “It is finished!”  Then I too will take up that call.  To finish.

(i’ll start with this cup of coffee)