Day One Training for the fight| Oct 21st #72===>

So I got accepted as a participant in the “atlanta corporate fight night”.  Basically ten regular working people are picked to be trained for 10 weeks as a boxer and then fight in a big fight night to raise money for charities.  If you know me at all, you know that i have an affinity for this sport.   The strange thing is I actually know nothing about it, I can barley name any pro boxers, nor do I find it interesting to watch.  However, I love to hit things!  Just give me some gloves and a ring and another human and I am happy as a clam, a furious warrior clam…i understand that was not the best analogy, clams cannot box…they have not any arms.  Anyway I feel like when I fight something real, something deep comes to life in me.


I found out last week that I was accepted!  This is on my ‘do-before-I-die-list’ to actually fight in a real boxing match against a trained fighter!  I was so excited that the night I go t the email (at 11:30 PM) I strapped on my old running shoes and stormed off into the night, listening to “Kings and Queens”.  Nothing can stop me!!!!….WHHOAAA!!!!

8 minutes later, after the euphoria had worn off, the painful reality of my current physical condition began to set in.  It set in hard, as my lungs burned with the think Georgia summer air, my body drenched in sweat, with each painful step my body paying for every spicy chicken sandwich, every late night WaHo run.  Thus I slowly weezed my way through…2 miles…2 miles really?  I am in trouble…

Today was day one of my 10 week training…no turning back now here I go.