Stars =====> #73

Trying to complete my first solo motorcycle road trip across the country. So far battling thunderstorms and engine overheating problems. last night i was stranded in the middle of Kentucky at 3 in the morning trying to push start an over heated stalled bike at a rest area. After about a hour of watching me running up and down the parking lot trying to push the beast back to life, a Hispanic dude finally offered his jumper cables. (I asked him an hour before if he had any, to which he shook his head no). Still I was thankful for the eventual help. Back on the road I was surrounded pitch black, broken only by the lighting that exploded all around me from multiple thunderstorms that were closing in fast from the south and the west. Praying I’ll won’t be enveloped by them, riding through those torrents might kill me. Every moment anticipating another breakndown, I pay close attention, to memorize every mile marker tracking my location. If I were to breakdown here on this desolate dark road in the country, i would be impossible to find, I need to know my exact location.
As the cold wind batters my head around, I watch the night sky light up with erie and beautiful figures and shadows, I drive on mile after mile into the darkness, not knowing where I will end up or if I will break down.

Was this a bad idea? Maybe…
Are things going smoothly according to plan? Nope…

Yet I am…happy. I am free, no plans, no expectaions, only a wild sense of the unknown.

After the storms past I looked up and saw the most beautiful sky with oh so many stars… These same stars that are there back at home too but hidden behind the business of the ‘normal’ and usual. They seem like they are closer here.

A quiet time under a bridge