should have listened to my mom

(before you read this post, play track #78 in the Hippo tracks—->)
i should have never quit the cello…possibly the most expressive and beautiful instrument ever.
i had this asian cello teacher growing up who told me that you play with not just your hands but with your soul. it sounds totally cheesy but when the man would play, i knew that he meant it. this guy was like the Mr. Miagi/zen master of cello teachers. i remember i was going to quit once because we couldn’t afford the lessons anymore, he told me that he would teach me for free… his lessons could have easily been hundreds of dollars a lesson (and some pay that).
i remember most of our lessons would spin off into long conversations about life and then bleed back into cello playing.
…i quit cause i was to lazy to practice…sad…kids don’t quit listen to your mom.

(The track is Kiss the Rain by Yurima redone by my little cousin Peter who kept learning under my teacher after i quit, he just emailed it to me this morning)