9 minutes


a new day. as i sit here at the urban grounds, a new moment that has never happened before is about to burst into glorious existence…. it is now passing me by…..there goes another….and another….they keep passing by.  Can I capture them?  How can i hold them? Have I captured the last 30 seconds with these sentences behind this question mark that is coming up right now?  If I hit backspace, will I lose those moments?  Am I losing the moments that are going by me as I sit here dwelling on the moments that have gone by before them?  What does it mean to exist for another day? It cannot be for vain comforts.  For we have chased them.  We  have been chasing them.
Then is it for God? Why are so many Christians so unhappy?  Why are we so sad?  If we have found “IT!” then why are we still wandering around aimlessly through our days?

9 minutes have gone by. and i don’t know why