careEboo cawfee

i am a poor broke seminary student.  i come to this coffee shop and buy a mug of plain coffee.  cause i’m poor.  i look for a table with an outlet near by. to plug in my phone charger. i pull out my bible and note book. i press play on my ipod and begin to read and write my thoughts and prayers. i am reading Jeremiah. a small homeless woman limps in the store. all the employes and cafe patrons look  up at her.  one of the trendy looking employees opens his mouth to say something to her, but then stops,  there are two crumpled dollar bills tightly clutched in her hand.  she slowly walks in with the money slightly held out in front of her.  she knows, it is the money that is welcome here not her.  she buys a slice of coffee bread and sits alone and  eats.


i am a poor broke seminary student.  so i am drinking a $2 coffee. my $150 phone is charging next to me. my $200 light blue ipod nano is playing through my $90 ultimate-ears noise canceling earbuds.  as i read from my $35 leather bound ESV bible. with my $13 moleskin note          book. i saw a homeless woman today. and what do i do? i write a blog entry about it on my $2,300 macbook pro.

i am what is wrong with this world.