wafflehouse nonsense

waffleAfter a frustrating five hour session of paper writing, me and a some fellow seminarians headed out  for a much needed 1am waffle house run. As we drive up to the welcoming glow of that big yellow sign, we see a homeless man walk in ahead of us. One of us comments, “He looks like Jesus.” Now I really don’t know what Jesus looks like but, he did look like Jesus.

Anyway, we sit down at the bar and we begin to order our meals and the three of us look at the man who sits alone across the small restaurant. We look at him and then we look at each other…its like we have an unspoken conversation, an unspoken conviction. I jump the gun and before the others can, I get up, I tell them I got it.  They don’t fight me and graciously let me have this opportunity to share, to bless, to be blessed.
I come over and I offer to cover his meal, he looks up at me with a thankful eye (his other eyes was covered with cataracts)and reaches out his hand to thank me. I reach out my hand but there is a moment of hesitation…his hands are dirty… so is my heart. We shake hands.
I sit down, nervous and a bit uncomfortable. I ask him how he is doing.  The flood gates open. My new eating companion pours out a torrent of nonsensical words and stories.  I smile politely and give him my full attention…I don’t understand a word he is saying.  But what else can I do but give him my undivided attention. Did i mention he looks kinda like Jesus. Our food arrives but he is more excited about talking than eating. After ten more minutes of listening I get two things. His name is Alex, he is 48 years old, and he kinda looks like Jesus.  It doesn’t matter that everything he says doesn’t make any sense. At the moment Alex is sharing with me whatever comes to his head like…a friend would.  So I stop just staring as if he were some sort of spectacle and I join the conversation. I start to ramble on and on about my mission studies paper on the inter-generational issues facing the Korean American Church(also all nonsense btw).  As we eat our eggs and waffles, we go back and forth having two ridiculous conversations that have nothing to do with each other. It didn’t matter, life was shared.

and since when did that have to make any sense.

peace <><